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I am a progressive, solutions-oriented and resourceful IT professional with track record of providing innovative solutions to business challenges. Whilst I have a strong strategic focus, I utilise my broad experience to understand ramifications of decisions.

I’ve worked in many industry sectors, including aviation, education,  finance, FMCG, government, mining and NFP.

One thing I have is a well-developed set of research and investigation skills, with the capacity to relate to current technical issues. I’m also able to progress multiple activities and manage competing requirements whilst maintaining appropriate managerial and interpersonal skills developed within professional environment. 

Feel free to review and comment on the material in this blog. And don’t forget to review my post-graduate thesis which is available on the related blog (terop.blog.com).

Finally, check out the Dellium Advisory site. Its the strategy development consultancy I run.


Posted February 14, 2011 by terop

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