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****** Areas of Expertise  ******

  • Team leadership, development & performance improvement
  • Organisational change & culture
  • Company governance (directorships)
  • Formulating business focused IT strategies
  • Multi-site network & systems administration
  • Vendor, supplier & contractor management
  • Project & stakeholder management

****** Body of Work ******


  • Cloud-based IaaS /SaaS
  •   – Remote site server replacement, application migration

  • Cascaded-star topology for infrastructure services
  •   – Active Directory, anti-virus and OS Patching

  • Data communications
  •   – WAN, LAN

  • Data centre relocation and redesign
  •   – Airconditioning, physical layout, monitoring

  • SAN design and virtualisation integration
  •   – Including DR and BC technologies

  • Data centre & multi-storey office building network switching
  •   – VLAN’s, redundant paths

  • Multi-site VoIP solution
  •   – Reception, call-centre, call recording, failover

  • Wireless services
  •   – WAN-based WAP, Telco 3G

  • Gateway services
  •   – Internet filtering & proxy, SMTP

  • Infrastructure Monitoring Services
  •   – SNMP, Netflow

  • 3×3 server matrix for an EDI exchange
  •   – Dev, UAT, Production layers for presentation, business-logic & data


  • ICT Forward Planning
  •   – IT and Business Alignment, Infrastructure roadmaps

  • Service Delivery
  •   – Environment scanning

      ****** Career Snapshot   ******

     Network Manager                                                                                                                   

    Salvation Army, Melbourne (since November 2003)

    IT Infrastructure Consultant                                                                                               

    Fusion Tech, Melbourne (contract: April – November 2003)

    IT Manager                                                                                                                                

    Building & Construction Industry Royal Commission, Melbourne (contract: December 2002 – April 2003)

    Senior Network & Systems Consultant                                                                            

    ElmTree Consulting Services, Melbourne (contract: January – December 2002)

     Site IT Coordinator (Victoria, NSW & NZ)                                                                          

    Basell Australia, Melbourne (contract: October – December 2001)

     National Platform Consultant                                                                                             

    AXA Australia, Melbourne (contract: September 2001)

    IT Manager (Victoria & Queensland)                                                                                      

    Newcrest Mining, Melbourne (contract: January 2000 – September 2001)

    Desktop/Network Support Analyst (Victoria, Taiwan, Indonesia, US)                         

    Pasminco, Melbourne (contract: July 1999 – January 2000)

    Desktop Support Analyst (Victoria, NSW, NZ)                                                                  

    Siemens, Melbourne (contract: May – July 1999)

    Senior IT&T Officer (NT, WA)

    Centrelink, Alice Springs (September 1998 – May 1999)

    Senior IT Officer (NT)                                                                                                            

    ATSIC, Alice Springs (March 1996 – September 1998)

    MIS Manager

    Centralian College, Alice Springs (February 1995 – March 1996)

    Customer Service Engineer

    Territory Business Suppliers, Alice Springs (February 1993 – February 1995)

    Computer Field Engineer/Acting Branch Manager

    Computer Support & Maintenance Services, Alice Springs (January 1992 – February 1993)


      ****** Experience & Achievements    ******

    Network Manager                                                                                                                   

    Salvation Army, Southern Territory, Melbourne (since November 2003)

     Lead a team in maintaining and developing the organisation’s network infrastructure services across the 400+ networked sites throughout Southern Territory (WA, SA, NT, Vic, Tas) with responsibility for ensuring the cost-effective and efficient deployment of technology (Active Directory, Anti-virus, Data Communications, infrastructure monitoring, user computing environment, wireless, server virtualisation, and VoIP).

    • Lead a team to manage and develop the organisation’s network infrastructure across the Southern Territory to ensure network security, data centre efficiency, the flexibility needed to respond to new technologies and to provide a high level of technical expertise.
    • Maintain the availability and integrity of Active Directory-based IT infrastructure across 70 sites for 2,000 users.
    • Maintain the availability and integrity of the line of business infrastructure incorporating a high quality WAN of 70 sites, a set of 330+ low quality data links, head office data links to the WAN and internet, (virtualised) head office servers, Citrix and Web application delivery environment, remote LANs for up to 70 users (including file and print servers), and Microsoft-based end-user SOE computers.
    • Operationally and strategically maintain the head office server virtualisation infrastructure
    • Provide technical leadership by initiating IT projects to capitalise on the available technologies, advising on the technical merits of projects underway and resolving the more complex and strategic technical issues with organisation-wide impact.
    • Initiate and manage vendor relationships. Review their proposals, and oversee, at appropriate levels,  the implementation of IT-related goods and services
    • Maintain good internal business relationships with staff outside of IT.


    „  Implement a VOIP-based Call Centre

    –          Initiated and co-ordinated the review of telephony requirements for the Salvation Army’s Head-Office based “service-providers” (ie, IT Helpdesk, Family Tracing, Payroll, etc).

    –          Drove the review outcomes (training, configuration and Call Centre) to completion, including the implementation of the Call Centre solution that met Head-Office needs (plus off-site call-centre capabilities, and future Territorial telephony consolidation and extension requirements).

    „  Manage the 2008 Head Office reloaction

    –          Lead 3 teams of a total of 40 people in the relocation of the IT services.

    –          Involved co-ordinating the moving of computers for 220 staff, re-commissioning of business applications involving teams across the nation, and moving up to 60 servers that provide the network services and business applications (including three data communication providers).

    –          Intimately involved in the commissioning of a new VoIP-based HO telephony system.

    –          Led the discussions with internal & external stakeholders across all organisational levels concerning all IT-related aspects of the relocation.

    „  Implemented Active Directory Domain consolidation.

    –          Enabled centralised management of the user computing environment and server infrastructure, provided the foundation for the rapid and flexible deployment of security options, patching, applications, new services and efficient support and ensured a consistent environment and infrastructure.

    –          Ensured a consistent approach to architecture and deployment of Active Directory globally.

    –          Reduced the support costs of the organisation’s international headquarters in London.

    –          Achieved while providing ongoing support without requiring additional resources.

    „  Implemented a second tier business-grade territory-wide network.

    –          Designed the architecture and managed the roll out of the network to 330+ sites to provide low-cost broadband, enable the deployment of web-based email, Citrix-based business applications and provide efficient level 1 support.

    –          Developed and implemented the model and processes to support continued expansion.

    –          Engaged in detailed technical/financial/project management discussions with the vendor (Telstra).

    –          Developed the technical architecture to provide efficient Level 1/2/3 IT support.

    –          Persuaded potential Tier 2 sites to use this offer instead of another ISP.

    „  Re-designed and implemented Territory-wide network services (including management and monitoring).

    –          Secured management commitment and support for these key changes that promoted organisational change in a resistant environment

    –          Provided a redundant, reliable and scalable infrastructure (including data communications, remote and head office server updating and data centre reliability) for current and future applications.

    –          Implemented a 3-Tier architecture model for delivering business applications (plus a metadata database model that provides the basis for business processes between siloed applications).

    –          Implemented a centralised framework for wireless LAN communications in sites across the Territory

    –          Initiated and drove the Business Recovery/Continuity project to encompass all technical and business aspects of service delivery.

    –          Secured financial commitment from sites to purchase upgraded network equipment or data links.

    „  Initiate and co-ordinate the review of telephony requirements for Head-Office based service-providers. Drive the implementation of the Call Centre-based solution. Bring direction Territorial telephony consolidation and capability extension requirements.

     Managed Network Team

    • Improved individual performances through reviews and focussed management techniques
    • Undertake staff recruitment and selection processes
    • Ensure ongoing costs and investments kept within agreed budget

    „  Replaced the organisation’s anti-virus and anti-malware solutions which significantly reduced the time which had previously been lost to “outages” and provided a more secure operating environment for users.

    „  Implemented HQ-based Cisco-switch fabric and EMC-SAN architecture which provided a consistent operating environment within the data centre and reduced the fees the organisation paid to third parties.

    „  Upgraded the Tier 1 server fleet to Windows 2003 (70 sites) and implemented desktop lockdown which improved security and performance, prevented the installation of unauthorised applications and peripherals, reduced support calls and improved the stability of the entire infrastructure.

    „  Secured Executive support (ie, through the IT Team Management, then Project Steering Committee, then the  Territory Policy Council) for a tightening of computer user security policy


    IT Infrastructure Consultant                                                                                               

    Fusion Tech, Melbourne (contract: April – November 2003)

    • Provided strategic advice Leadtec and Outback Computers’ clients regarding their use of information technologies and provided Level 1, 2 & 3 level technical support to users.
    • Identified and secured new business opportunities.
    • Provided pre- and post-sales consulting in IT infrastructure services


    „  Successfully developed and marketed the firm’s range of application implementation and support products to targeted client groups.

    „  Successfully resolved a wide range of client issues on-site and remotely.

    „  Undertook DRP and Internet Data Centre architecture development which enabled Leadtec to move ahead with its client base by providing a model that encompassed business recover, continuity and scalability and which enabled the introduction of new services and product updates using a phased approach.


    IT Manager                                                                                                                                

    Building & Construction Industry Royal Commission, Melbourne

    (contract: December 2002 – April 2003)

    Engaged to manage three IT staff to ensure high-availability and highly-secure facilities in a technical environment incorporating Windows 2000 desktop and clustered server operating systems on high-end HP servers providing MS-SQL and MS-Exchange applications, Cisco firewalls, access card systems and video surveillance equipment.

    • Managed the operations and ensured the responsiveness of the organisation’s IT support help-desk which included maintaining the morale and motivation of the support team during the final phases of the Commission.
    • Maintained the availability, security and integrity of the organisation’s IT infrastructure.
    • Provided levels 1,2 & 3 break-fix support services to the database support and development team.
    • Developed, implemented and managed the organisation’s data archiving, disk cleansing and computer equipment sale processes.


    „  Maintained the motivation and commitment of the Commission’s IT staff during the Commission’s final phases to maintain the quality of the technical services provided.

    „  Assisted in tender processes, business development and internal network upgrades for <> (the firm engaged to provide IT services to the Commission).


    Senior Network & Systems Consultant                                                                            

    ElmTree Consulting Services, Melbourne (contract: January – December 2002)

    Provided training, support and development services to various clients in technical environments ranging from small businesses to large multi-site, national organisations with complex infrastructures.

    • Provided ongoing level 3 technical support and developed and rolled out the Windows XP-SOE at Visy Industries (ElmTree’s major client).
    • Provided ongoing support and developed Visy’s Citrix Metaframe Server farm.
    • Provided network and system engineering and analysis services to the firm’s customer base.
    • Delivered MCSE courses at Swinburne TAFE College and developed, marketed and delivered custom VB scripting short-courses for ElmTree clients.


    „  Developed a complex, customised VB script to enable the smooth migration of Visy’s server infrastructure from Netware 3.12 to Windows 2000.

    „  Developed, implemented and supported a Windows XP-based SOE across Visy Industries incorporating the development of secure CD-based application deployment.

    „  Developed & distributed paper-based marketing material for the promotion of ElmTree Services


    Site IT Coordinator (Victoria, NSW & NZ)                                                                          

    Basell Australia, Melbourne (contract: October – December 2001)

    Managed the outsourced provision of IT support services to the Australian operations of Basell International in a technical environment incorporating file and print, database and mail services, well as Windows 95 and NT desktop environments. Coordinated production-level IT projects.


    „  Streamlined the processes associated with providing IT services to ensure that a systematic asset management process was adopted and that responses were made to all services calls and project requests.



    National Platform Consultant                                                                                             

    AXA Australia, Melbourne (contract: September 2001)

    Provided technical support to the company’s national server and network infrastructure and advice on the development of e-commerce architecture in a technical environment incorporating 140 Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers providing e-commerce, file and print, intranet, database and mail IT services.


    „  Developed an e-commerce testing methodology which quantified the resource usage requirements for varying load levels to ensure that the correct levels of resources would be acquired.


    IT Manager (Victoria & Queensland)                                                                                      

    Newcrest Mining, Melbourne (contract: January 2000 – September 2001)

    Contracted to manage IT staff and facilities, support and develop staff and manage the budget for the company’s Melbourne office in a technical environment incorporating 50 workstations, 11 LAN/WAN Servers, TCP/IP, DNS, Windows 2000/NT, Office, SOL 7, Backup Exec, Exchange 5.5, Outlook and various financial packages.

    • Managed the provision of technical support for the company’s IT facilities in Melbourne, Brisbane & Sydney offices
    • Managed support and development staff.
    • Managed IT projects, including the development and implementation of internet, document management and financial systems.
    • Developed and managed the IT operating and capital expenditure budgets for the company’s Melbourne office.
    • Trained staff in using various types of applications.
    • Forged and managed external relationships with business units, key users and suppliers.
    • Planned and developed information services including secure remote desktop, portal management and Bridge information services to meet business requirements.


    • Secured senior management and key employee support to migrate the company’s Windows NT-based domain to Windows 2000 and Active Directory which enabled the company to capitalise on the free support offered by Microsoft for early adoption and which improved fleet management.
    • Planned, developed and implemented a secure web-based remote desktop facility which enabled managers and key employees to securely access applications remotely.
    • Upgraded the company’s Microsoft SQL and Exchange infrastructure with no impact on day to day business.
    • Improved the business continuity processes.


    ****** IT Proficiency  ******


    • SANs, servers, desktops, notebooks, peripherals and networking equipment from a wide range of vendors


    • Operating Systems from DOS to the latest Microsoft Desktop and Server products
    • Enterprise Virtualisation & storage products from VMWare and EMC
    • A broad range of user-computer based productivity software
    • Financial, HR, Information and Document Management Line-of-Business applications
    • Infrastructure applications (directory services, database, email, backup, anti-virus)
    • Development languages


    • Full range of common data communication protocols and services
    • Experience with common voice equipment, ie PABX, VoIP, IVR


    ****** Qualifications ******

    • TOGAF 9 (Foundation), 2011
    • Master of Business (International Business), Swinburne University, 2010
      • Completed a thesis asking the question: “What is the impact of IT Investment upon the operations of International Business”
    • Graduate Certificate (International Business), Swinburne University, 2007
    • Master of Business Administration (Technology Management), Deakin University, 2004
    • Graduate Diploma (Technology Management), Deakin University, 2001
    • ITIL Foundation Certificate, 2003
    • Microsoft Certified System Engineer, 1999, 2002
    • Australian Computer Society Certification Program (Project Management), 2001
    • Australian Computer Society Membership Program, 2000
    • Train the Trainer, Category One, Centralian College, 1995



    • Australian Computer Society
    • Australian Institute of Company Directors
    • Golden Keys International Honour Society


    ****** BOARD POSITIONS ******

    Knox City Health Service (directorship & chair of ICT committee, $10m budget)

    • Leading ICT strategy development & implementation

    Soundhouse Music Alliance (observer, $160k budget)

    • Leading Web Communications strategy development & implementation

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